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Hello friends!

I’m a 22 year old recent Westmont grad looking to stick around for a bit post-grad in SB! I’m working as a barista at SB Roasting Company and auditioning for things left and right, and I also work with the SBCC Junior High youth! My housing situation is currently with an old roommate’s family, but it is temporary until I can find a place and roommates of my own.

About me: I’m originally from Washington state, just east of Vancouver and overlooking the Columbia River Gorge (so hiking is a big thing in my family)! I graduated Westmont with a degree in Theatre Arts and I hope to be able to pursue that as both an actress and as a teacher to work with other young artists through theatre camps and organizations. I grew up in a ballet school but chose to walk away from it after a severe injury at age 16, but God had other plans! I became dance captain of my high school drama program and began studying ballroom and swing dancing in college and I now teach the ballroom & swing class at Westmont that got me started.

Things I love: my family (I do miss them, believe it or not), dance, the ocean, hiking, surfing, biking, rock climbing, running, frisbee, any physical activity pretty much. I’m always down for a game of catch no matter the weather. I happen to love the rain! If I’m not at work or out wandering around (potentially getting lost) I’m likely at Handlebar on De La Vina with my poetry journal and a friend!

happy to discuss rent, roommates, etc!

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