Parenting is simply one tool God desires to use in discipleship but it is a life changing one…we hope to partner with you in and through this major life event.  Therefore, we desire to make the Dedication process more than a passing formality.

It is to that end that we encourage you to engage in the exercises and activities provided below that reflect intentionality, dependence on community and prayerful seeking of God.


  • Current available Sundays for Child Dedication:
      • February 9, 2020 (Parent Orientation at 4pm on February 8)
      • July 12, 2020 (Parent Orientation at 4pm on July 11)
      • Fall 2020 Date Still To Be Determined
  • Please email Paige Chase to let her know which date you’d like to do the Parent and Baby Dedication, as well as what service time you’d like to dedicate your child.

  • Listen to the Child Dedication Introductory Talk #1. Download audio HERE.
  • Begin listening to the parenting talks and answering the questions right away. They are short but will be much more meaningful if you aren’t trying to cram them into one day.
  • Feel free to use your own notebook for each homework assignment, or you can download a worksheet HERE for recording answers and completing each step.
  • Listen to Parenting Talk #2 and then complete the following Homework Assignment: 

    Download Audio

    First, pray about what you heard from Benji. Pray the God would give you the vision for your child that He desires you to have. Take to heart his statement “100 years from now the only thing that will matter in your child’s life is their relationship with God.”

    Second, write a description of the kind of person you hope your child will become over the next 18 years. Every year on their birthday, review your vision statement. This exercise will give you a chance to evaluate how you’re doing as you lead your child spiritually and to remember the importance of your child’s relationship with their heavenly Father. Perhaps you will also set aside other times in the year to remind yourself of what matters most when it comes to raising your child.  In Talk #2, Benji encouraged you to imagine the end with your child…what things do you hope will be true about your child when they leave home?  He said,

    “Yes, you can include a love for baseball! But, I want you to describe the kind of character that you hope to see in your child. What do you hope to see? Humility, a strong relationship with Christ, a deep concern for others, kindness, a love for truth, a strong work ethic, wisdom?  Think about the kind of heart that you want to help develop in him. Who do you want her to become?  One thing that I enjoy doing is taking advantage of times like car rides to speak these things into the lives of my daughters. (You are kind, you are generous, you are patient.)”

    Listen to Parenting Talk #3 and then complete the following Homework Assignment

    Download Audio

    Write down two things that you are going to DO to invest in yourself and the supportive and significant relationships in your life. Maybe you are going to get a babysitter once or twice a month. Maybe your baby goes to bed early so that you have couple or personal time at the end of every day. Maybe you’re going to go for a walk every night after dinner and enjoy God’s creation. These kinds of practical decisions can make a huge impact on your relationships over the long haul. Decide right now what two things you’re going to do and write them down.

    • Not only is it important to invest in your significant relationships with those who surround you, but you must also invest in your relationship with your heavenly Father. Perhaps you are going to join a small group. Maybe you are going to commit to quiet time three times a week. Make your decision on two things you are going to do to continue growing in your relationship with your heavenly Father and write them down.

    Listen to Parenting Talk #4 and then complete the following: 

    Download Audio

    Homework Assignment: You heard that we value partnership between parents and the church and three ways that is manifest. Discuss and write the answers to the following questions to help you implement these ideas with your family:

    First, you are the primary influence…what steps will you commit to take to use what your child will learn in church to influence them for Christ?

    Second, what’s your plan for making your child’s leaders at church (Preschool-High School) a part of your family’s discipleship team?  How will you get to know them and communicate with them so that you are truly partners?

    Third, how will you plug into the children’s ministries program to use your gifts and meet God through this part of His church family?


    The Parent Orientation gathering gives you an opportunity to meet other parents, discuss the answers you’ve written to the above assignments, connect with the pastoral staff and the pastor involved in the Sunday dedication.

    • Choose one of the currently available 2019 dates:  See dates in “Step 1”
    • Please arrange for childcare so that you can enjoy this parent-centered facet of the dedication process.

    You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

    Deuteronomy 6:5-7