The senior adults' ministry of SB Community is for connecting with people in a similar place of life for the purpose of fellowship, support, and ministry.

Senior Adult
Sunday School Class

The senior adult Sunday school class is not yet meeting due to current COVID guidelines.

For more information or to get on the list, contact Mike McBirney or Shawn McBirney.

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Senior adults are often faced with many changes in life. Retirement usually takes away a daily contact with co-workers. Finances can become a concern as health expenses rise but income doesn’t. Family and friends move away, or relocating seniors move away from their familiar environment to live in Santa Barbara. And while there is value in the multi-generational interaction we have at our church and in homegroups, sometimes we need to just be with people who are experiencing the same life changes.

The senior adult Sunday school class attempts to be a place where this can happen. While we seldom discuss senior adult issues as a topic during the class, our class members understand what senior life is like, care about each other’s grandkids and upcoming medical procedures, and have the desire and the time to help where they can.

When in session, each Sunday we spend some spend time talking about our joys and concerns from the past week, and we pray for each other. We discuss God’s word together, we watch a video recording by a gifted speaker hear from a visiting missionary, or we invite someone from the church to tell us their story, and we always have great snacks!

So, when we resume meeting, stop by the Community Room after the 1st service sometime. We'd love to meet you! You'll probably find that you already know some of our regular attenders, and if not, you'll quickly make some new friends.

You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart and with all your soul
and with all your might.

Deuteronomy 6:5