Annual SBCC Missions Supervisor Report

Please use these questions as an outline. Adapt any of these questions to fit your ministry. Include figures whenever pertinent - for example, number of Bible studies being held weekly.

Please submit form no later than August 15

You cannot save this form and return to it later. We recommend you type answers to the longer questions offline in a program such as Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste them into this form when you are ready to submit it. This will help ensure you do not lose any of your progress.

  • Please use these questions as an outline for your responses. The person that you supervise and will be evaluating will be referred to as "your missionary" on this form.

  • Summarize your missionary's year in ministry:
    If you like, use the following questions as a guide:
    - How are their days spent?
    - Please share any positive or negative reflections.
    - Do you have any concerns you would like to share?
    - What is the state of your missionary's heart for their mission?
    - Is your relationship with this missionary healthy and in good standing?
    - Did your missionary meet their goals and objectives this year?
    - What goals and objectives do you have for your missionary this coming year?
    - What can we do to help?
  • - How do you supervise your missionary's ministry?
    - Do you have direct contact? If so, how often?
    - What is your plan for accountability and mentoring of your missionary?
  • - How is your missionary doing in the area of fundraising?
    - What percentage of your missionary's time is spent fundraising?
    - From what sources is your missionary supported?
    - Has your missionary met their financial obligations and commitment to your organization this year?
    - Do any changes need to made in this area for your missionary?
  • What changes, if any, are ahead in each of the areas listed above?
  • - From your vantage point do you feel like Santa Barbara Community Church is coming alongside your missionary in a healthy, encouraging way?
    - How could we grow in this area?
    - We desire to struggle with your missionary and organization in prayer. What are your insights as to how we could best do this?


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