Youth Advent Poems

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by SBCC’s 5th & 6th Graders

During Advent, the Youth Ministry took time, along with the larger body of SBCC, to reflect on the coming of Christ.  As we studied the theme of joy and Mary’s Song (The Magnificat), students wrote poems and psalms to practice expressing praise. The 5th/6th group wrote acrostic poems, and the Junior High – like Mary – wrote their own psalms using the Psalter as a source, and lines from different Psalms to help them. Here are a few for you to enjoy:

5th and 6th Grade Acrostic Poems

Amazing ruler of our humanity
Disciples’ leader
The only God
(written by a 5th Grade Boy)
Joy is abundant in his House
Expect great things from his Holy Hand
Soon he will return and take us home
Uses love instead of hate
Savior, my God
(written by a 6th Grade Girl)
Jumping for Joy because
The King
Heavens and the
He is very good.
(written by a 6th Grade Boy)
Wonderful counselor
Desire of all the nations
On top of things
Great One
Our Savior
Delightful, Divine
(written by a 5th Grade Girl)

Junior High Psalms

Glory to God.
Healer in times of fear.
One who will always hear.
Praise be to the Savior
Who always stands by my side
Against every rising tide.
The world’s light
Who helps us with your might.
Glorious one,
Giver of your only Son.
(written by an 8th Grade Girl)
But I pray to you, O Lord,
in your great love O God,
Do not let me sink,
rescue me from the mire
Answer me O Lord,
out the goodness of your love,
From the depths of your heart.
Don’t let me fade away from you,
Or turn away from your name, O God.
(co-written by two 7th Grade Boys)
Father, I am your servant.
How can I keep my word pure.
My heart is strong but my will is weak.
Raise my up to you, O Lord.
I strive to be more like you.
I love you, You love me.
Love will get me through temptation.
(written by a 7th Grade Girl)
I am laid low in the dust.
I have chosen the way of truth.
You are my portion, O Lord.
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord.
(written by a 7th Grade Boy)